6 Strings 6 Pickups 6 Distos

The revolutionary V6 system is a 6-way alnico pickup
connected to a pedalboard of 6 tube distortions

The V6 lets you play ALL CHORDS
and get
Symphonic, Bluesy, Rocky, Jazzy, Ethnic… Sounds

The V6 system consists of 6 alnico pickups
in a single unit

6 pickups driving 1 pedalboard of 6 tube distos

MONO on one amp
STEREO on two amps or a mixer
Low strings 6.5.4 on the left / High strings 3.2.1 on the right

The V6 humbucker pickup has great
rock/metal sounds with an amp distortion

It’s not a piezzo, it’s a warm and natural alnico pickup

The 6-distortion pedalboard has 5 switches,
5 different basic sounds
There’s a sixth external switch for the solo function

which is a
bluesy overdrive that can be
mixed or unmixed
with the poly distortion
ALL TUBE technology gives a greater touch sensitivity

The gain of the Poly Disto V6 is activated
by a potentiometer OF THE GUITAR

NOW you have your usual 2 pickups
AND the V6 pickup that takes you
into the new world
of polyphonic distortion