What is V6?

With the V6 Overdrive, you discover the natural guitar polyphony while using full distortion.

The V6 is not only one more guitar pedal but a key to enter new guitar worlds !
The V6 system does not forget “your” sound : switch on “mono clean” and you go back to your untouched favorite guitar sound with your familiar amp distortion !

Distortion changed guitar music and the possibilities of creation. The V6 Overdrive wants to be the natural evolution of the long distortion story.
While giving you the possibility to play chords and create clear polyphonies and distinct voices with distortion, a complete new universe of guitar playing is now given to the musicians of today and tomorrow.
After a long work of technical and sound research, the V6 system has been designed with 12 AX7 tubes to preserve a natural and deep hot distortion sound, very sensitive to the nuances of your playing, like the good valve amps do. You don’t find this quality on virtual poly distortion systems.
Each string has its own alnico pick up and its 12 AX7 overdrive.

6 strings, 6 pick ups, 6 valves !

Moreover, V6 offers an unmatched range of differents sounds and spaces in mono or stereo.
Activate the “stereo disto” switch on the stompbox and you split the 3 bass strings (left) and the 3 high strings (right) on two amps, and then have different effects on each side :
For example, one octaver, no delay on the 3 bass strings / a long delay on the 3 high ones.
 Or a distortion on the 3 bass / and for the 3 high a clean sound with an harmonizer pitched to the 5th…etc.
Last but not least, a Midi output can drive synthetizers or write music scores on your computer.